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Meeting Jo Nesbo

It’s Writers Week in my hometown at the moment which I look forward to as much as Christmas and for much the same reasons: I end up with a ton of new books, I spend days in the company of a cast of hilarious and wonderful people and I usually end up sunburnt.

Today saw me enjoying a perfect Sunday afternoon listening to Norwegian author Jo Nesbo talk about his life of crime…writing and it was fascinating to discover that he:

  • is more inspired by movies and television than other books, particularly Scorcese and some film called Bad Lieutenant which I have never heard of
  • enjoys spending time with his famous character Harry Hole but only in limited doses
  • spent most of his irst trip to Australia holed (pun intended) in a hotel in a Sydney suburb called King’s Cross which is an absolute hole and is known more for people committing crime than writing about it
  • believes a lot of crime fiction is more about looking deep into the character(s) than about the crime itself
  • thinks Superman is boring even with his kryptonite
  • knows exactly what he is going to do with Harry Hole next!

Jo shared the stage with American noir writer Megan Abbott and what was a particularly interesting aspect of the talk for my purposes was that both Jo and Megan talked a lot about the importance of place in crime fiction, think how LA is almost always synonymous with noir fiction such as The Big Sleep and Double Indemnity. Jo claimed his Olso is 90% reality and 10% a “Gotham City” version of Oslo, an image that very much appealed to the audience.

I got Jo’s autograph on a copy of The Redbreast which I am thinking I might read when I get to Norway, although it faces competition with Knut Hamsun’s Hunger…maybe I’ll do both!

Hoping to find some time during week this week to head back to my Wonderland…Writers Week…will keep you posted

The Literary Nomad xx

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  1. The all-excellent and interesting Bad Lieutenant, Gotham City, and Hunger…and Superman being crap.. all in less than 200words or so…what am excellent post. Respect. Jim

  2. Alex says:

    Ha ha, thanks for your entertaining comment and for visiting my blog, Jim! :)

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